East Coast Aid Ltd - Protecting you, your people and your assets

East Coast Aid are extremely proud to provide an unbeatable, all-round service when it comes to fire extinguisher servicing, sales and training. 

As a leading fire extinguisher supplier, we ensure every area of your business premises is prepared in the event of a fire by offering a range of high quality, competitively priced products and professional maintenance services. 

Fire Extinguisher Servicing & Repair

Whether your business uses water, foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide or wet chemical Fire Extinguishers, each must be serviced annually by a qualified engineer. Our BAFE approved engineers can help you successfully maintain your safety thanks to our range of servicing packages. 

Whilst performing the servicing we also ensure you have the correct amount and type of extinguishers for your premises. Unfortunately there have been many occasions where our competitors have oversold Fire Extinguishers to customers and provided them with false information, but our professional service ensures you have the knowledge and equipment to keep you covered and able to protect your premises should a fire occur. Work is carried out in accordance to BS5306 (part 3) and following each service you will receive a Certificate of Maintenance.

Fire Extinguisher Sales

As well as providing fire extinguisher maintenance, we are also an experienced and competent fire extinguisher supplier and provide businesses of all sizes with the equipment they need.  Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing extinguishers, replace corroded or damaged equipment or have moved into a new property and need full fitting, we can assist with our CE and Kite Marked extinguishers. All our products come with a 5 year warranty and are manufactured and fully tested using BS EN3 provisions